Digitus AK-440109-018-S Schuko Power Cord connection cable 1.8m

Power Cord, Schuko 90ø angled - C13, M/F, 1.8m, H05VV-F3G 0.75qmm, bl This Power Cord connection cable is used for the connection of a PC or monitor to the indoor power supply system (outlet).

Цена : 200 денари

Digitus AK-440115-012-S Power Cord connection cable - C5 1.2m

Power Cord, Schuko - C5, M/F, 1.2m, H05VV-F3G 0.75qmm, bl This power cord connection cable, also known as „Micky Mouse“- or „cloverleaf“ connector, is used for the connection of a Laptop or power supply unit to the German indoor power supply system (outlet).

Цена : 180 денари

Еdnet 84123 Universal Power Euro-8 Cable 1,8m

Mains cable; Euro-8 female jack, double groove to Euro-plug Power Cable Euro8-C7 1,8m bla., 2,5A/250V, VDE, 1,8m black

Цена : 140 денари

SBox Euro kabel naponski 2 m

Euro power cable 2 m - SBOX Barcode: 3880000900077

Цена : 196 денари